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Journey College is run from our Moe Campus and is a Bible college designed with the purpose of deepening your knowlege of Christian Theology, with a vision to reach the towns across the Gippsland region.

Time: 6.30pm-8.40pm Tuesdays
40 weeks per year over 2 years, mostly in line with school year
Cost: $600 per year per person/ $1000 per year, per couple/ $500 pensioners
Deposit is $100. All materials supplied.
Instalments of $20 per week are acceptable

Bible College - Bank details
BSB: 013 845 ACC: 188 855 456
Phone: 0466 217 555

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  Introduction to the Holy spirit & His gifts 
How to study the Bible
Bible overview
Understanding Romans & Hebrews
Spiritual Growth Parts 1 & 2
End Times doctrine, Types & Shadows
Knowing your Potential, Safe church Course
Coaching Overview
Biblical Money Management
Marriage & Family
Leadership Principals
Principals of Negotiation

Elements of this course were prepared by Pastor Peter Earle, former Lecturer and Dean of COC School of Ministries Brisbane and Pastor Gary Hourigan (Qld State Chairman, Coach & Pastor) together with Pastor Paul Gratton of Now Church Gippsland.

Lecturers Pastors Paul & Leisa Gratton plus guest lecturers.


“Bible College has given me a clearer understanding of Christian theology.  I have learnt who I am in Christ and have a better understanding of who God is and His character.  Since attending Bible College I now approach bible study in a completely different way, I no longer just read the bible but are able to dig deeper into the word and get a greater revelation from it.  I have learnt to journal as part of my bible study which has helped me grow spiritually as a Christian.   Through the Discovering your potential and coaching modules I have also been able to better discern the call of God on my life and have had help drawing that out.  Bible College has definitely helped prepare me for leadership by giving me a realistic view of what it means to be a leader in church and how God designed the church to operate.  The guest speakers are an added bonus and have added different opinions and perspectives to the teaching, as well as the open discussions of the students.. We have all learnt together and from each other.”

Lauren  – Student 2011 & 2012